From 1775 to today, our Navy, has protected America from attack, and preserved our influence in key regions around the world. At and from the sea, we they have enhanced safety, security and stability, which has led to American prosperity.

Since its earliest days, the U.S. Navy has deployed forward to deter our adversaries and to fight and win in the event deterrence fails. In today’s increasingly complex global security environment, the Navy continues to provide forward presence in areas where our nation’s interests are being challenged.

Our commemoration of the Navy’s birthday offers us an opportunity to honor the brave men and women who conduct a wide range of combat, training, humanitarian, rescue, and other missions worldwide, protecting the nation’s interests, promoting its security, and helping to shape our history and culture.

The 2021 Navy Birthday program will be distributed “free of charge” to all Naval bases and off base housing in San Diego on October 8, 2021.

View the Navy Birthday program by clicking [ here ]